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Editorial Fashion Photographer

John Martinotti: Editorial Fashion Photographer

Editorial photography helps tell a story, with or without text. Women's fashion photography is a type of editorial photography. It might be a multi-page spread that depicts a theme. Or one image that tells a visual story. An editorial fashion photographer works to capture a mood rather than sell a product.

Editorial images encompass everything from candid shots of a sports game to women's fashion photography, editorial features, and documentaries. John Martinotti is an editorial fashion photographer specializing in women's fashion photography, men's fashion photography, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment publications.

His work is in national and international magazines, including MOEVIR, VIGOUR, and RED Magazine. Martinotti's concepts as an editorial fashion photographer explore his subjects in their environment. His women's fashion photography highlights the power of the female form as he makes space for innovation and works to capture the beauty of a moment.

Martinotti was born in Anaheim, California, and raised near Portland, Oregon. His introduction to photography came at an early age, and he found inspiration in fashion magazines, art galleries, and photography greats such as Ansel Adams and Peter Lindbergh.

Working with Nazanine Afshar, the Executive Creative Director of Atelier Creative House, and her tough critique of his work elevated his artistic vision. It opened doors in the fashion industry for more sophisticated editorial fashion production work. Today, Martinotti collaborates with many industry professionals, from magazine editors and creative designers to model agencies and individual clients, ensuring every project appears seamless.

John Martinotti is a professional editorial fashion photographer. He works to gain a deeper understanding of his subject and capture the raw beauty of a moment. Contact him for a consultation if you're searching for a collaborative creative for women's fashion photography and more.

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