John Martinotti self portrait


    Born in Anaheim, California, and raised near Portland, Oregon, I was introduced to photography at an early age. I followed photography in fashion magazines and visited art galleries being inspired by photographers; Ansel Adams, Richard Phibbs, Irving Penn, and my all-time favorite Mr. Peter Lindbergh. Not a day goes by I don’t look at their work for inspiration. Photographers Joe Grimes, Lindsay Adler, and Tim Lawrence I turn to talk shop.  Honestly, with their experience and work, I learn a great deal from them. They along with others I consider my inspiration heroes.   I received a baccalaureate in telecommunications which naturally led to my love of developing and supporting software technologies.

I found myself fascinated by both fine art and fashion photography.  I continue to advance my studies in fine art and fashion photography, by going back to college, and by being introduced, and then mentored by Nazanine Afshar, the Executive Creative Director of Atelier Creative House.  With her industry experience, she tough on me, never held back critiquing my work.  And because of that, she elevated me as a producer, photographer, and my artistic vision that opened doors in the fashion industry providing opportunities for more sophisticated editorial fashion production work.

My project has always been a collaborative effort working with some of the best and brightest people in the industry, including magazine editors, their teams, stylist, creative designers, model agencies, and my carefully curated team members, ensure every project effort appears seamless.  After delivering more larger complex shoots, I found myself being noticed and my projects were beginning to be published in national and international magazines.  The conceptional visions I create in my fashion work and the intimacy discovered in some of my most remote place in the world is purely the essence of my soul.

With all my projects, my approach is to gain a deeper understanding of my subject, craft a safe space for innovation, and capture the raw beauty of the moment. I like to think of my current work as solidly contributing to the establishment of my artistic legacy.

Thanks John