I had the privilege to receive John's service as he produced a photoshoot for me featuring designs for all the designers from Seattle area. John was relentless is finding the right venue, cast models,         coordinate with designers, hire assistants, mange all aspects of the photoshoot diligently, and delivered his work.
John is highly enthusiastic about quality fashion photography.

Prasenjit Tito - CEO Fashion NXT, and WSJ, Vogue China Fashion Visionary June 26, 2019

I just want to say that this Photographer John Martinotti is amazing and a pleasure to work with. After meeting a couple times this year at different events I finally decided to hire John to do a photo shoot together with some new design pieces from my new swimsuit line. After our meeting he found the perfect location, and chose a fantastic hair and makeup artist from his team. Everything came together perfectly and I’m so happy to share some of the photos! Thank you John Joseph Martinotti.  These photos were exactly what I was looking for, and perfect for my Vogue publications! Seriously big thank you! Designer Jersey Virago


I was finally able to book a shoot with John Joseph Martinotti ! It was well worth it too! With the lovely Tracy Saunders on makeup and hair. Look at this Beautiful Image Captured!
He is so respectful and gives great direction and ideas. He always wants to ensure that his models are comfortable.

I worked with him on a designer group shoot he produced where he was able to get a great images out that is stunning! I knew I wanted to book with him again.
Working with John in a one on one shoot was great! He has an amazing gentle energy that allows you to relax and be yourself so you can open up to let any emotion come to life for the look you are seeking!
I recommend Booking a shoot With John, because you will get fantastic photos to help you showcase yourself wonderfully, and that I know for a fact

Ronda May Burnette
Professional Actor and Model
's photo


John was one of the most positively engaging and interactive professional photographers we have worked with. His images were brilliant and delivered within 72 hours of our event. Highly recommend!

Scott A. Capestany
EVP Development & Production
Capestany Films

“John is an amazing photographer at the top of his game. His eye is great; he knows what will make a good picture and John was able to take our vision and capture it in photo. His images are technically superb. He has a wonderful way of putting people at ease, the photo shoot was smooth and time management was on point.”

Gabriel De Santino President Gabriel Cosmetics Inc.

I have worked with John for several years now, and he has become our go-to photographer for Talk It Up TV.  I think the thing that we appreciate the most about him is that he makes you feel so confident and yourself in front of his camera.  Anyone can take a picture, but very few have the vision, eye and talent to be a professional, John certainly holds the kings crown to this title.  We love his heart and passion!

Anny Havland
Executive Producer and Host
Talk It Up TV

“Thrilled!"  That is the first word that came to mind when I think about my experience with John, and the photographs he did for me. I couldn’t be happier with his work, his professionalism, and his demeanor on the shoot. All of the aspects of the job, and our interactions in the planning, shoot, and follow up have been top-notch, and beyond my expectations. First, he is a consummate professional who was communicative, on time, and delivers what he promises, and then some. I had a time-crunch to get some professional photos done for HGTV, and he worked with my busy schedule and the short timeline to deliver the best photos of me that have ever been taken! I had no stress or fear that it was not going to get done on time, beautifully. Second, he is very easy to work with. He has a calm yet energetic demeanor that made me feel at ease during the shoot. He clearly has a passion for his art, creative ideas, and skill that really add a fun aspect to working with him, and gave me the added confidence that I had the right photographer for the job. Third, the poses he put me in, time and care he put into getting the scene, lighting, and editing right really made me feel comfortable and happy that I had hired him. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, and I think all of the aspects that John brings to his work is what makes him so exceptional. I will definitely be recommending him to family, friends, and colleagues for any of their photographic needs. "Thank you John!”

Best Always,

Calista Munnell of Calista Interiors


John J Martinotti is a great fashion photographer. I had the opportunity to work with him on one of my Pre-Fall Collection editorial shoots in Seattle as well as a fashion show in Portland. I loved the photographs from the point of view of composition, clarity and creativity. The details of my fashion designs were very well captured by his images. Some of the pictures were dramatic and it was especially impressive considering they were all shot at night. I also appreciate the project management approach to his shoots which includes communication, time management and accountability of all parties involved. I will definitely be collaborating with him again." 

Joy Sircar McMillen, Creative Director


We met John Martinotti at a casting for a "Blast from the Past" International Editorial casting. My daughter, Grace,  was chosen to model in the photo shoot and from that time forward, we started a wonderful friendship with the amazing photographer, John Martinotti!  He was so organized and professional.   From the second we meet John we loved him. He takes that most amazing photos and will work with you in any fashion that you might photography needs might require.   Every detail is a always taken care of and when you look at the pictures they look like paintings, they are just that perfect.  We highly recommend John for all your photographic needs and we look forward to working with him for a long time to come! 

Ann Marie Rigali Skalecki


There is a famous quote that says, “Consistent action creates consistent results.” John Joseph Martinotti is exactly what that quotes is all about. His confidence and personal approach was what got me to say YES lets shoot. John is one remarkable photographer who delivers great work on the project and product that he shoots. We shoot my couture collection on a Sunday night and the next day there were already post production photos that were perfect and made me speechless with admiration. Justin Zachary Couture highly recommends John Joseph Martinotti for any given project or photo shoot. Trust me you will not be disappointed with the results. Thank you so much John for the perfect shoot. We will work again.

Justin Zachary of Justin Zachary Couture.


John Martinotti is an extremely skilled and an accomplished professional. Every time I've worked with him he has arrived on time, fully prepared, excited to shoot, full of energy, ideas and conducts himself in a very professional manner. Not to mention his post shoots and photo editing is impeccable!

 His experience is hard to match and I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone!

 Juel Bergholm of Salon Juel Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist


"As a model new to the Seattle area, it's been such a blessing to work with John. He's full of creative ideas, & continues to keep things moving & fresh. Working with him is never a stale experience. From workshops to one-on-one shoots, he shines as a great talent. John is always easy to work with, full of energy & forever smiling. He creates beautiful images that are magazine quality & beyond."
Sam Harrison


The best way for me to describe John is to say he is truly gifted.  His direction on set is a perfect blend of light hearted humor, gentle advice and a very clear description of what he wants.  Anyone who knows many photographers knows how rare that is!  John has a knack of making every photo look like something straight out of a fashion magazine and although a lot of it has to with his lighting and technical skills, etc.  I believe that it's largely due to his genuine personality and the natural ease he has about him.  Photography is his chosen form of art and expression and you can tell, because he brings that energy to the set giving myself and every model I've seen him work with.  The inspiration and comfort level to be creative and his natural style always turns out to be an amazing shoot!  Thank You John!

Roya Andres
National Latin Ballroom Dancer

The shot in the bathroom at Dante's!  John is a daring soul.  He was nearly lying on the floor to do the shot. Jeff, Sammy and myself are standing inside stinky bathroom stall not sure what to expect and John kept saying: "Trust me, this is going to be such a cool shot, you guys are going to love it!" I said this before, but John is one of the best photographers out there, period! His vision is amazing! The promotional image he created far exceeded our expectations.  Blessed to have access to him.

Maury Brown, Band Manager, Writer, and Musician.- Shoot To Thrill”

John, you went above and beyond to get this shot, we will be coming back to utilize your talent again.
“Sammy Zern” Drummer

John! Incredible photo work!!!!  Some of the best band photos I've EVER seen!

Deb Miller Microsoft


A few months ago, I had the privilege of working with a wonderful photographer named Martinotti. As an actress, finding a good photographer is key to my profession. John's photography is creative, unique and beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed working with John. He has the rare gift for capturing the true essence of a person. It's really quite remarkable.

Thanks John your photos are absolutely amazing!
Christina Ward-Lind


John Is the most creative , talented and inspiring photographer I know....And also one heck of a nice and professional guy!!!  He works great under pressure and his vision is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Model, IngaLisa Wickstrom


Thank you for sharing your gift John, it’s a pleasure working with you. Till next time.

Brian Harrison Producer,Musician, promoter and recording director of Harrisons’ studio.

I loved getting my pictures taken by John Martinotti, because he made everything so simple and easy for me and I really had a lot of fun.  I was so tense and he was so good at keeping me calm and relaxed.  I really did not have to do a thing besides just show up and be me. The makeup artist gave me the look I wanted for the shoot and John helped get my outfits ready.  He picked the perfect locations and he took in all my suggestions and I ended up loving all my pictures.  It was a great experience working with John and I will use his services again and highly recommend him for his creativity and his work is brilliant. 

Kimberly Clark

Marketing Director


It's a delicate endeavor when one invites a photographer to a wolf sanctuary. My hope is always that the photographer will connect with the subject and that will translate into depth of imagery. John Martinotti epitomizes this connection. John immediately saw more possibilities than I could imagine and before he'd even departed had added value to our ability to raise awareness and funds. I think John specializes in the unconventional, a strong attribute of his personality. More importantly, however, John's real gift is in the generous and very sincere care he gives to each of his projects. The Wolf Education & Research Center has tremendously enjoyed his investment in our efforts, both through the lens of his art and the the filter of his heart. 

Chris Anderson, President

Wolf Education & Research Center

John Martinotti is so much more than a photographer.  He is an artist. With his unmatched skill, his amazing eye for the perfect shot and his electric personality, he makes amazing images happen.  Doing a shoot for him is a dream.  He makes it easy to see and feel what a great shot is like.  I would do a shoot for him anytime, anywhere.  John you are absolutely the best!  I have much respect and admiration for you.  Watching you do what you love to do is absolutely awesome. 

Amanda Books-Berthold


Have y'all seen John Joseph Martinotti's new photography website? He’s such a talent, with a passion and finesse for photographing live music...So honored to be included in his "celebrity musician" section on his website, along with other Monsters Of Rock PDX alumni! Keep up the great work John!!

Musician Lex Allyson Lead Singer of the band Tortunet


John is a very talented and professional photographer. Working with him is a learning experience in many ways. His vision for getting the money is outstanding!   His detail to attention and intuition is always spot on and he knows how to make the experience for everyone fun.   

John’s reputation is well deserved. Each new shoot is another challenge in the quest to get his vision across to all who view his images. He nails it every time!  I am so blessed to have worked with him as well as to call him a friend.  He is truly is a one-of-a-kind, and all who work with him will see that.  “Wishing him all the best, always."

Amanda Berthold
Personal and Professional Image Consulting and Public Relations