Vigor Shipyard Photo Shoot | John J. Martinotti

Just last month I had the opportunity to produce, direct and photograph a wonderful fashion shoot that was a huge success thanks to the collaborative efforts of an incredible designer Julie Danforth, Director of Facilities and Communications Affair for Vigor Shipyard’s Paul Torrey who allowed the fashion shoot to take place on Vigor Shipyard grounds and Gene Juarez’s creative team, James Todd and Kimberly Lundin, along with their team all helped in the creative art direction and location in making this a successful fashion shoot. 

The models for this shoot; Shelby Meader, Elizabeth Rhoades, Vera Savin and Renee Sun  along with Julie Danforth’s beautiful evening gowns could not have scripted any better. Every one of these models made my job easy because of their years of experience brought their A game to the set. 

I also have to say I had two well experience backup photographers Josh Diamond and Justin Herbert that assisted me on the set in creative lighting setups and providing a second pair of eyes in making sure I got the best shots.  Jacob Lander, a freelance film producer also provided incredible set and studio support and backup when the chips were down: I’m glad I had that ace in my pocket, thank you Jacob. 

But you want to know the best part of this whole fashion shoot was?  There were some little potholes that made the shoot challenging at times, but everyone, and I do mean everyone knew their roles and responsibilities and everyone had a great time and at the end of the day they all delivered.  

The fun and exciting part was the post production work.  With a 14 hour shoot and over 2000 plus images, I must say it did take some time to review and edit what I was going to work on. But with that said, the vison I had and the end results of great models in the right environment with the right lighting and composition speaks for itself.    It was a great hit, so without any further delays, here are just a few images for from that shoot I am sure you will enjoy as  much as I enjoy creating them.