Did you know

Did you know?
Jann S. Wenner is founder and editor of Rolling Stones Magazine. In 1967, at the age of 20 years old, he dropped out of Berkeley and started the magazine featuring rock music.  The first issue featured John Lennon on the cover and 40,000 issues were printed and 34,000 came back unsold due to the fact the magazine was in the beginning stages.  Jann S. Wenner is also Chairman of the Rock and Roll foundation which celebrates artists whose work has helped shape the rock and roll genre. Lastly, did you know Jann S. Wenner was actually born Jan S. Wenner? He switched to "Jann" several years after founding the Rolling Stone Magazine.

Did you know?
The brand we know of today as J. Crew was incorporated in 1947 as Popular Merchandise, Inc. by Mitchell Cinader and Saul Charles. The first catalog was released in 1983 and in 1989 Popular Merchandise Inc. changed the company name to J. Crew. 

Today, J.Crew president and executive creative director is Jenna Lyons, who has become the epitome of J.Crew style, practically the brain behind the whole operations.  Jenna got her start at J.Crew when she was 21, as the assistant to someone’s assistant after graduating from Parsons School of Design in 1990 and has  been with J.Crew her entire career. 

If you want a brand that looks good and feels good, J.Crew is for you.  I like the selection of clothing they offer.  The fashion photography used in the catalogs is simple yet elegant.  Maybe someday, J.Crew will see my style of photography and say “hey let us use this guy as one of our photographers’ he’s good. Wouldn’t that be a feather in my cap?