Another Great Band Shoot - Ants In The Kitchen

Summer is now just around the corner in the Pacific Northwest and when it is sunny, it is absolutely beautiful, makes one feel good to be alive.  So, for those who have not experienced a spring in the Northwest, you are truly missing out on a great show.  Last weekend I was able to photograph one of my favorite bands again, Ants In The Kitchen, but this time it was just the four piece band.  MAN……they rocked the house playing Soul, Funk, Blues, rock and roll like no one else can.  People just dig this group so much. 

Geoff who is the lead singer has a voice that is as cool as Phil Collins except about 15 years younger. If Phil were to hear Geoff he would say just one word………WOW! And the way he jams on the guitar, incredible!   Jimi Hendrix would “sprint” from the audience, jump on stage and jam with him if he were there.   I kid you not people!   But what topped the day was I got to see two of my good friends, Peter and Paul Brown.  Paul is not only damn good photographer but he too knows how to do a little guitar jamming.  When a band like Ants In The Kitchen has the pleasure of having two experienced photographers capturing images of them, the only end result is pure gold.  Great Music and Fantastic Images…….just does not get any better than that.  Makes me feel alive!

Here are just a couple images from that day and feel free to go to my webpage and view the portfolio, “Music To My Ears.”

Have a great week everyone!