My Identity

Growing up I sometimes thought I was odd and unusual, not fitting in with the rest of the kids.  Oh sure, everyone liked me and I was fun to be around, but I felt like I could not identify with the other kids.  I got decent grades, was a good Catholic boy and played sports.  I was damn good at multiple sports, but the bottom line, it just seemed I never really fit in.  Maybe because I did not party like the rest of my teammates late into the night and then wake up looking like fresh road kill.  Today looking back, I didn’t care much then or now whether I fit in or not.  I have reunited with some of my high school friends and have realized what a bunch of wonderful people.   I am fortunate to have the opportunity to get to know these folks better and share some laughs and good times.  The point I want to make, as a photographer, my identity has surfaced in the photographs I create and I am experiencing and seeing amazing facets of my own personality.

When I pick up a camera, God it feels so good, it’s like an extension of my soul and you know what? I fit in and am accepted where ever I am and that is such a great feeling.   I have photographed and felt welcomed by some of the greatest musicians, folks in other countries and worked with the incredible photographer Paula Da Silvia.  I am currently working with some local models who are just fabulous:   Samm Harrison, Nicole Williams, Khue Doan, AKA “Lisa” and Ann Curry.  Do they have the skills, aptitude, look and moves to be super models?  Hell Yes!  When we work together it is like being part of a rock band, we are in perfect harmony and what comes out of each shoot is pure gold.  Case in point, just recently, I did a pinup photo shoot of some young models where one gal is fighting a serious illness and she was great and had the best attitude.  These pinup gals are “beautiful” and they in my book are my super models. This was a fun shoot.  I was able to capture their identity as well as share a part of myself.  Take a moment to view my images; I hope you are able to see one’s enigmatic soul full of mystery and of a story that has yet to be told.

Lastly, trivial question time.  I am not sure, but last time I received no replies with the correct answer.  So this time an easy but fun one with a great door prize for the winning answer.

Trivia Question with a two part answer and if you are close…… WIN!

Part A: What year was Vogue Magazine founded:
            A.  1938
            B.  1775
            C.  1892
            D. 1959

Part B: Who founded the magazine and what was original vision of Vogue Magazine.