Rome is my soul Italy is my roots

My wife and I just came back from Italy, Greece and Turkey. The food was delicious, the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain were simply amazing sites to see in Rome. What really took my breath away was being in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City which is the official residence of the Pope. Michelangelo’s work was awe inspiring. I studied Michelangelo’s work in school, but to be there seeing it with my own eyes was something else. I just stood there staring up at the ceiling and trying to soak it all in within a short amount of time which was just not possible. The place and the art is one of the most beautiful collection of works I have ever seen.  In Turkey, walking the streets of Ephesus and visiting the house of the Virgin Mary was to me a very humbling experience. I felt closer to my God than I ever have in my entire life.   I must say Rome is my soul and Italy is a land where I found my roots.

The most romantic place I have ever visited is the Greek island of Santorini. The architecture there is simple, but elegant at the same time.  The people and food of the Santorini is addicting.  We rented a quad and drove all around Santorini, stopping at local restaurants and meeting the locals.  The photos I have attached are just a small sampling of the wonderful places and sites we had the pleasure of experiencing. 

Returning on the long plane ride back home, I was looking forward to getting back to my regular routine, but a the calling for Italy and Greece is strong and I am counting the days of returning soon.

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