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This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship
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Please contact me to learn more about an image or to discuss your next project. The first consultation is always free. I look forward to hearing from you and what we will create together! Visit our How I Work page to learn about the John Martinotti Photography difference and what I can do for you!

Commissioned Commercial Freelance
When I shoot for my advertising customer assignments, I shoot for one reason – to help you sell your products or services. With over 25 years of photography experience, I employ problem solving, high energy, and a strong focus on listening and understanding your unique needs. Here’s what you can expect with John Martinotti Photography: 

  • Business analysis – We’ll discuss your business, sales, marketing efforts, and customer demographics, as well as their customers.
  • Optimize the value – We’ll target the best uses for your photography together so you can maximize the value of your marketing spend – whether it’s a single piece or part of a branding effort.
  • Competitive analysis – We’ll look at your competition and see how we can make your business look more attractive and raise awareness.  
  • Problem solving – one size does not fit all. Every client and project is different and your marketing and imaging needs deserve unique approaches tailored to your business.
  • Fresh eyes – even if we’re shooting the same product on later projects together, you can expect new and interesting takes for exploration.

This comprehensive approach could be the advantage your business needs to sell and grow – if you’re looking for an edge, consider John Martinotti Photography.

Commission Family and Individual Portraits
A fine art commissioned portrait must beautifully reflect and communicate who you are and what makes you so unique. This becomes possible only through a great experience throughout the entire process. You’ll appreciate careful attention and beautiful results suited to you or your family. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We’ll do an in-depth consultation to understand your expectations and what you want to communicate.
  2. Together, we’ll select concepts, clothing, and any ideas for exploration. John Martinotti Photography can also book hair and makeup appointments for you.
  3. After your requirements and logistics are set in place, expect your photo shoot to be fun and high-energy.
  4.  Ten days after the shoot, we’ll review your photos and go over sizes, groupings, and print choices. All retouching and edits are complimentary and part of JM John Martinotti Photography signature.

Art and experience – enjoy both with John Martinotti Photography.